Cockroach CSI: Death by Tobacco

No matter what time of year it is in Hong Kong, you’re likely to see one of the city’s most infamous tenants crawling around: the cockroach. In the summer, they are out in full force, scurrying along sidewalks, climbing up the walls, and sometimes (if you’re unlucky) flying right into your line of sight.

Now that it’s winter though, cockroach sightings are much more rare, but that doesn’t mean they’re gone. In fact, most of the times I see cockroaches these days is when they’re dead. Squished, flattened, stomped on, or worse, have you ever wondered what actually happened right before the cockroach was killed?

Introducing … Cockroach CSI: an investigation into the lives (and death) of our city’s rampant roaches. First up is a cockroach I saw in Wanchai last year, an image that I will never forget as it was such a vivid one.

I was on Jaffe Road right across Joe Bananas when I looked down before crossing the street. And, there, right next to my foot was a dead cockroach on its back, clutching onto a cigarette butt. I kid you not, his six legs were literally wrapped around the cigarette butt!

It’s clear how this cockroach died: death by tobacco. After a long night of partying with the call girls in Wanchai, this roach thought of winding down with a still-lit cigarette butt that landed just a few inches from him. After taking one long puff, he choked to death on all the nicotine, smoke and tar that filled his little lungs. So, the lesson here is, hanging out in Wanchai will kill ya!


While walking by the MetroPark Hotel in Wanchai today, I looked up and saw some papers taped to a window on the 5th floor or so. It was hard to make out since the writing was small (and I’m blind as a bat), but eventually I realized that each A4 paper was labeled ‘5h’, ‘4h’, ‘3h’, and so on…

The poor person inside was counting down to how many more hours s/he’d be locked up for!!!

In case you’ve been in a hole all this time and don’t already know, these people have been locked up for 7 days straight since they found the first case of swine flu (ahem.. H1N1) in a guy who was staying in that hotel. Not a bad thing if you’re in the Shangri-La, but the Metropark Hotel is a pretty crappy place to be locked up in.

Tonight, the surrounding area of the hotel will be cordoned off from 4:30pm – 11:00pm as they release all the ‘swine flu hostages’ into the streets of HK. Let’s hope there’s not a rise in flu victims over the weekend!!

PS – Wouldnt’ this make a great movie? I can see the titles now… “THE SWINE”, “7 Days of Probing”, “NIGHTMARE on HENNESSY Road”… ^_^