Canto 101: Ocean skin

In my ongoing quest to become more Chinese, I’m picking up my Canto-learning again, one step at a time. That means listening to more Cantopop on KKBOX (reading lyrics really helps) and taking note of any interesting phrases I come across.

One of them is ๆตท็šฎ — “hoi pei”, which means sea shore. I first heard it when taxi drivers would ask me if I wanted to go home via the highway or the “hoi pei”, and it’s never not sounded funny to me.

In my head, I just can’t help visualizing it as literally the “ocean skin” since “ๆตท” means ocean andย “็šฎ” means skin. Am I crazy?? To be fair, “ocean skin” is a super accurate description of the sea shore as the “skin” can be anything from sandy and bumpy to smooth and layered.

To use this word, simply tell your taxi driver, “NO highway, YES hoi-pei!” Other suggestions welcome!

The thin line between friend and foe

It’s a funny feeling to be leaving a company. Having spent a good amount of time there, you think you’d have developed all sorts of comrades who would feel the same way as you about stuff. I mean, we’ve all been through the same shits. Ate all the same crap in the neighborhood. Got harassed by the same tea ladies, etc.

Some of them, you know you’re gonna stay in touch with. These are the ones you would consider calling your “friends”, if only you were more sure that they also considered you one and not just a ‘colleague’. Some of them were simply lunch buddies, people you never would go to lunch with unless it was in a group. And some of them, you just couldn’t wait to forget about one day (can’t old age come any faster??)

The thing is, all of us go through phases when we enter a company. It may be excitement when you first start, getting familiarized with everything in your first months, and eventually becoming good at your job and proud of the company you work for (god knows how much money the company spends on making that happen)!ย 

But there comes a day when you will get jaded, tired of the way things work, bored and unchallenged, and there is no other choice but to leave, and you realize that you cannot be friends with anyone who is still riding the wave of fun and excitement at the company. For they do not see the faults of the company as you do, and they will defend the company as if it’s their own, and start to see you as the enemy who’s trying to tell them that Santa Claus is not real. That is when you know you’ve become their FOE.

Nothing you say can be trusted. Everything about you is negative. You are a poison to the company. The happy workers don’t want to associate with you anymore. And you know what? I’m fine with that. Go ahead and ride that happy train into the company. I hope you enjoy your ride. But perhaps one day, when that ride ends, we can talk again, and I’ll be here with my big ears to hear ya bitch.

More gadget drool

Lately, my mind’s been as dry as an old Chinese prune, hence the lack of updates on the site. But, there’s hope for me, and it comes in the form of Sony’s Vaio P (2nd Gen) Netbook Lifestyle PC!

I mean, how can one resist this gorgeous candy-coloured typing machine? Just one look has got my fingers twitching and my mind stirring up all sorts of potentially awesome texts (which will no doubt flow out of me once I touch the keyboard, of course)!

*gaaarrhhhhhh* Yes, that’s the sound of me drooling over these beauties. I’d been thinking of getting a netbook for a while, just for simple writing on-the-go, but most netbooks have a pretty boring design that would surely stifle my creative side even more.

I got to play with a few P’s in person when I was in Tokyo last weekend, and I honestly can’t stop thinking about them. Their only downside is that they’re so goddamn bloody expensive!! (Anyone out there feeling generous? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sony!? I might very well be your last loyal customer!!) Haha…

How to lose a customer in 20 seconds

So the other day, I came across this fantastic little joint in Wanchai where they actually served healthy lunch options, like fresh salads, soups and made-to-order sandwiches. The best part was, even if it was close to 1PM and the sidewalks were completely packed with hungry office workers from around the area, there was never a lineup for this place.

I started going there regularly for lunch, and even took a few of my colleagues there to try it out. Not because the food was spectacular or anything, but what do you expect from a so-called ‘healthy’ place, right? Anyway, it didn’t take long for me to realize why the place was usually empty, and to quickly boycott it from my future lunches.

What happened, you ask? Well here’s how one sandwich shop pissed off a once-loyal, happy word of mouth customer:

  1. The local boss lady bitch (BLB) who took our orders always replied in English even if we were speaking Cantonese to her
  2. BLB hid the fact that drinks are not included in the set lunch and only told us after we drank them
  3. When I tried to order delivery, BLB told me that there’s a minimum order of $50, which is fine. Lunch sets are approximately $35 so I would have just added a drink or whatevs. Instead of letting me switch the rice for more veg, she secretly adds veggies to my meal as ANOTHER lunch set, totaling my bill to over $100! Of course, she does all this in a flat, monotone voice, and even asks me if I want to add soup or more salad to the order. WTF, woman!!! Of course, by now I was shouting, “HOW MUCH IS IT NOW? TELL ME HOW MUCH IT IS!!” before I finally said, ‘FORGET IT!’ and slammed down the phone.

And THAT, ladies and gentleman, is how you lose a customer in 20 seconds.

My take on the 7s

Was it just me, or did anyone else feel absolutely *nothing* about the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens? I know to many it’s the perfect excuse to (cross)dress in crazy outfits and get absolutely sh*t-faced in public, but there’s something about it that feels a bit…iunno…removed?

See, I’ve been to other sporting events like the European Cup ’08 and the 2010 Olympics where people dress up just as crazily but for something that they are actually passionate about (GO CANADA GO!!! ๐Ÿ™‚).

In HK however, the people who go to the 7s seem to have a) no concept/love of rugby and/or b) no particular fanship to any team. Costumes are thus totally random instead of representing any one country and the point of going seems to be more about getting wasted than cheering on your team.

Don’t get me wrong, I too LOVE dressing up but paying big bucks to drink with a bunch of other peeps in costume to (not) watch rugby live just doesn’t make any sense to me… ~_^

Gadget Love

Hi…my name is Miss Fong and I’m addicted to gadgets… Since moving to HK, I’ve bought 4 mobile phones, 3 iPods, 2 digital cameras, 1 video camera and 1 macbook, but my eyes can’t help checkin’ out the latest and greatest tech toys that are coming out each day, week and/or month!
My latest temptation is the brushed metallic pink SE W995 that was recently released for Valentine’s Day. It’s nothing new, but the fact that it’s now in pink metal, not plastic, has set my heart ablaze! Seriously, I nearly caved when I saw it, and if it hadn’t been for my peeps restraining me from buying it there and then, I’d be kissing this phone right now =D

The reason I didn’t buy it is because I’ve been waiting (way too many months) for the SE X10 to come out. Even though it was announced in November 2009, it still hasn’t been launched anywhere yet! Not only has it missed the Christmas shopping season, it’s also missing V-day and CNY! Damn you Sony Ericsson and your ‘make ’em wait’ strategies, no wonder you’re losing sh*tloads of money every day! Sigh…as a loyal SE fan, I’m going to keep waiting, but I just hope it’s actually worth it…

On another note,ย  I came across this the other day and thought, “WOWEEE!!!!!!” This just has my name written all over it, dontcha think?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

More mobile drool

Remember how I was lusting over the SE W995 a few months ago? Well, I never ended up getting it. The reason? It may have photographed well but in real life, it was just bulky and a little too cheap looking for me. That seems to be the trend with Sony Ericsson phones. Great photography on-screen that makes you drool. Hugely disappointing once you have it in front of you. Bahhh!

I’m really hoping that’s not the case with their new gem of a phone Jalou. It hasn’t been released yet so only time will tell, but the photos I’ve seen of it so far have got me heart racin’!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Isn’t she gorgeous!? :))

Laff of the day

I got this in my inbox from a Mainland colleague who replied to all following a company-wide announcement:

“ๆญๅ–œ (Congratulations) MICHEAL, WE’RE ALWAYS BE THE BACK OF YOU.”

Translation: We’ll always be your backside. Haha!!