Hong Kong Beggars: Central Handless Burnt Eyes Beggar

After another long day at work, I came across another beggar on my to the Central MTR. Seated on the right side of Theatre Lane near exit D2 of Central, the Central Handless Burnt Eyes Beggar has severe burn marks on his head, especially around his eye sockets.

He looks up at passerbys with a forlorn expression on his face, and shows off his (missing) hands which have apparently been cut off. His head is also quite bare from having been burnt, and as I recall, he’s only got a tuft of hair on the top of his head.

Although he is in a high-traffic location where many OL (office ladies) and OM (office men?) pass by, I’ve never seen anyone stop to give him anything. So if you’re reading this, please stop by Maxim’s, McDonalds’ or Marks & Spencer nearby to get him something nice!

4 thoughts on “Hong Kong Beggars: Central Handless Burnt Eyes Beggar

  1. Is there a backstory to all these beggars? This one sounds like a child molestor who had his hands and eyes used to “disrespect” a child taken from him. Two for looking. Was this some prison inmate justice?

  2. Hi Cleo, unfortunately I think the injustice is on the beggar. I don't know the details but these beggars are apparently controlled by triads and 'pimps' who mutilate the beggars for their own profits. 😦 I'm still trying to figure out a way that we can help them…stay tuned…

  3. Hi, any update on this? It makes me so sad to see these poor souls. How can someone do such a thing to someone else? There must be a human rights organization who can help/rescue them. Please let me know if you have found out something

  4. I saw a beggar the other day sitting, completely motionless, with part of one arm missing and the other held out. He had some damage to his head, was bald and wore no clothes on the top half of his body, just a coat draped over him. He was so still that, at first, I didn't think he was a real person. He was on the underpass on Salisbury Road (?). We were walking towards the Peninsula Hotel. We had decided to give him money on our way back but he had gone. Have you seen him?

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