Hong Kong Beggars: Mong Kok Tree Trunk Stumps Beggar

Today I came across a beggar at one of the busiest pedestrian crossings in Hong Kong: Argyle Street X Sai Yeung Choi Street. At first, I wasn’t sure how I noticed him given the crazy amount of people everywhere, but on second thought, I must have been watching my footing while crossing the road, which is how I came to notice a gingerbread skin-toned person lying face down on the ground.
This beggar, whom I refer to as the Mong Kok Tree Trunk Stumps Beggar, lay perfectly still amidst all the human traffic around him, and never once looked up to cast a pitiful stare. Instead, he let his legs stumps do the talking, which were surprisingly thick and meaty. If I were to guess, I’d think he was some sort of runner or athlete before he was kidnapped and/or forced into begging. He must be extra upset for losing his (probably) muscular legs, which might be why he keeps his head down at all times.  😦

4 thoughts on “Hong Kong Beggars: Mong Kok Tree Trunk Stumps Beggar

  1. if we're talking about the same guy, i've seen him last year at mong kok when i was visiting my dad in hk. i've noticed him not only because he was laying face down, he was also motionless. all which made me wonder how he was breathing properly.

    all in all, i've seen him a few times around mong kok during my visit and not once have i've seen him roll over or get up.

  2. Anonymous – lol, true, but at least Nick is free to do whatever he wants… not like this guy…

    Wendycakes – yes I think we're talking about the same guy!

    Zombie – Good idea, I will check next time I see him…

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