The thin line between friend and foe

It’s a funny feeling to be leaving a company. Having spent a good amount of time there, you think you’d have developed all sorts of comrades who would feel the same way as you about stuff. I mean, we’ve all been through the same shits. Ate all the same crap in the neighborhood. Got harassed by the same tea ladies, etc.

Some of them, you know you’re gonna stay in touch with. These are the ones you would consider calling your “friends”, if only you were more sure that they also considered you one and not just a ‘colleague’. Some of them were simply lunch buddies, people you never would go to lunch with unless it was in a group. And some of them, you just couldn’t wait to forget about one day (can’t old age come any faster??)

The thing is, all of us go through phases when we enter a company. It may be excitement when you first start, getting familiarized with everything in your first months, and eventually becoming good at your job and proud of the company you work for (god knows how much money the company spends on making that happen)!ย 

But there comes a day when you will get jaded, tired of the way things work, bored and unchallenged, and there is no other choice but to leave, and you realize that you cannot be friends with anyone who is still riding the wave of fun and excitement at the company. For they do not see the faults of the company as you do, and they will defend the company as if it’s their own, and start to see you as the enemy who’s trying to tell them that Santa Claus is not real. That is when you know you’ve become their FOE.

Nothing you say can be trusted. Everything about you is negative. You are a poison to the company. The happy workers don’t want to associate with you anymore. And you know what? I’m fine with that. Go ahead and ride that happy train into the company. I hope you enjoy your ride. But perhaps one day, when that ride ends, we can talk again, and I’ll be here with my big ears to hear ya bitch.

4 thoughts on “The thin line between friend and foe

  1. But there are also many times where it really is the quitting person who's all whacked out, not the company, huh? ๐Ÿ™‚ Though I'd admit this is more rare, just because organisations in general tend to be dysfunctional.

  2. I cannot agree more! … “there comes a day when you will get jaded, tired of the way things work, bored and unchallenged, and there is no other choice but to leave … ” that day is coming soon for me!

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