More gadget drool

Lately, my mind’s been as dry as an old Chinese prune, hence the lack of updates on the site. But, there’s hope for me, and it comes in the form of Sony’s Vaio P (2nd Gen) Netbook Lifestyle PC!

I mean, how can one resist this gorgeous candy-coloured typing machine? Just one look has got my fingers twitching and my mind stirring up all sorts of potentially awesome texts (which will no doubt flow out of me once I touch the keyboard, of course)!

*gaaarrhhhhhh* Yes, that’s the sound of me drooling over these beauties. I’d been thinking of getting a netbook for a while, just for simple writing on-the-go, but most netbooks have a pretty boring design that would surely stifle my creative side even more.

I got to play with a few P’s in person when I was in Tokyo last weekend, and I honestly can’t stop thinking about them. Their only downside is that they’re so goddamn bloody expensive!! (Anyone out there feeling generous? 😉 Sony!? I might very well be your last loyal customer!!) Haha…

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