How to lose a customer in 20 seconds

So the other day, I came across this fantastic little joint in Wanchai where they actually served healthy lunch options, like fresh salads, soups and made-to-order sandwiches. The best part was, even if it was close to 1PM and the sidewalks were completely packed with hungry office workers from around the area, there was never a lineup for this place.

I started going there regularly for lunch, and even took a few of my colleagues there to try it out. Not because the food was spectacular or anything, but what do you expect from a so-called ‘healthy’ place, right? Anyway, it didn’t take long for me to realize why the place was usually empty, and to quickly boycott it from my future lunches.

What happened, you ask? Well here’s how one sandwich shop pissed off a once-loyal, happy word of mouth customer:

  1. The local boss lady bitch (BLB) who took our orders always replied in English even if we were speaking Cantonese to her
  2. BLB hid the fact that drinks are not included in the set lunch and only told us after we drank them
  3. When I tried to order delivery, BLB told me that there’s a minimum order of $50, which is fine. Lunch sets are approximately $35 so I would have just added a drink or whatevs. Instead of letting me switch the rice for more veg, she secretly adds veggies to my meal as ANOTHER lunch set, totaling my bill to over $100! Of course, she does all this in a flat, monotone voice, and even asks me if I want to add soup or more salad to the order. WTF, woman!!! Of course, by now I was shouting, “HOW MUCH IS IT NOW? TELL ME HOW MUCH IT IS!!” before I finally said, ‘FORGET IT!’ and slammed down the phone.

And THAT, ladies and gentleman, is how you lose a customer in 20 seconds.

7 thoughts on “How to lose a customer in 20 seconds

  1. BIG APPLE!?? That place is going out of business soon!! I never ate there and always see it empty, good riddance. Used to be a decent viet/thai restaurant at the same spot.


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