Grooming: Not just for dogs

For all the guys out there who have the same views as Ma Fan Jai about bushy ladies, this may come as good news to you!

I was browsing through HKU’s School of Professional and Continuing Education when I came across a rather peculiar course called “Grooming for the Female Executive.

The course costs HK$2,200 and includes six 3-hour sessions where HK ladies learn about Interview & Presentation Skills, Health & Skin Care and Colour and Professional Image.

Here is the detailed breakdown of what the course covers:

1) The importance of first impressions

Look cute, don’t say a word, but giggle often.

2) Understanding personal style and developing your own professional image

Always, ALWAYS carry a luxury bag to appear posh and stylish.

3) Achieving credibility through a polished appearance and effective style strategies

Make sure your nails are nicely manicured (preferably gel nails with gemstones) and wear as much lace and bows possible.

4) Professional dressing guidelines by using colours

Wear mostly black, it will make you look slimmer.

5) Creating professional image by using the right “make-up” tips

Use eyelid tape to create double eyelids (because nobody likes ugly single eyelids) and always attach false lashes to make your eyes look bigger.

6)“Healthy Choices” for healthy body

Do not eat more than 300 calories a day, or you’ll be labeled a pork chop!

7) Taking care of your skin and establishing a good skin care regime

Invest in the most expensive laser facial treatment plan you can find that makes you as white as Michael Jackson.

8) The business of good etiquette and manners -doing the right thing

Chew with your mouth wide open and focus on watching that TVB show instead of conversing over dinner.

9) Do’s and don’ts of Western dining

Don’t bother waiting for other peoples’ plates to arrive before digging in yourself, or your food will get cold!

10) How to make “small talk” matter.

Bring up Hello Kitty anytime, anywhere! It’s the perfect conversation starter!

Now, whether or not the course covers actual ‘grooming’ (ie. armpits, legs, etc.), I’m not sure, but isn’t it nice to know that clueless female executives in HK have somewhere to go when they need some help? ;p

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