Awkward moments with my foot masseuse

After a long day of hiking/walking/shopping (or just plain sitting, hehe), there’s nothing better than getting a good ol’ Chinese foot massage. Newbies may feel some pain at first, but I personally *love* getting my toes cracked! 😉 By the time you get off your plush leather sofa and walk out the door, your feet will feel brand new and ready to take on another 8 hours of stomping round HK.

Since moving here, I’ve indulged in my share of foot massages, giving rise to some pretty awkward conversations. Here are some highlights:

Masseuse: You don’t exercise much, do you? Your calves are so tight.
Me: What? I work out regularly! Around 2-3x a week! What about you…do you like to exercise?
Masseuse: This IS my exercise…(heaves a bit harder as he rubs my calves)
Me: Oh…

Masseuse: What do you do here in HK?
Me: I write stuff (I say 寫工 – not knowing that I just said I’m a social worker 社工)
Masseuse: Oh woooww…you must be able to handle a lot of stress…what kind of people do you work with?
Me: Huh…? What? Err…(oh sh*t)…usually…old people?
Masseuse: Wooowww… Social workers earn a lot, don’t they?
Me: Um…sure… :\

Me: Please try to avoid touching my right knee, I fell during soccer a few weeks ago and I still have a scab there…
Masseuse: You mean this? (smiles triumphantly as he holds up my scab)
Me: 😮


6 thoughts on “Awkward moments with my foot masseuse

  1. Oh man, I was just in HK (yay! it was awesome!) and my friends were raving about going over to the mainland for cheap foot massages. I should have given it a shot, though my feet don't get that sore. I could have used a full-body one after my 11-hour flight to Vancouver, though.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    I'm afraid it's always been hit or miss with the massage places for me!

    The one I go to most often though is in Mong Kok on Sai Yeung Choi Street kind of diagonally across the Body Shop away from Argyle St. Worth a try!

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