Squattie potties

I just got back from a biz trip in China and I can still smell the strong stench of urine from the women’s toilets…peeeuuuw! Yes, I’ve complained about my company’s toilets before, but I’m so glad that at least in HK we have seated toilets that do (sometimes) flush.

I know the argument for squattie potties and how they are supposed to be more hygienic, but c’mon! There’s a reason why Chinese toilets smell so freakin bad, thanks to a) all the splatter and b) the baskets full of used (ugh) TP. It’s a nightmare just to have to go to the toilet!

I remember the first time I needed to use a squatter and asking my friend how exactly to do it (you know, cuz it’s pretty vital information). But, have you ever thought about how backwards that is – to have to ask how to squat to go to the toilet? I’m sure that just as kittens know how to use the litter box by instinct, squatting must have been the most natural thing for humans to do when they needed to go to the toilet. But you know, we in the West need to learn how to do this all over again.

Anyway, just when I thought I had it mastered, I saw this sign in a Chinese washroom:

Now I’m all confused again… which way are we supposed to face!? 😦

6 thoughts on “Squattie potties

  1. i actually prefer squatter toilets to the standard ones… providing they are clean, of course. i usually face the toilet door when i'm doing my thing but i guess you can squatter in any direction you please unlike a regular – boring – toilet….

  2. haha, the ones in hk are almost always clean. basically, i prefer them because i'm useless at half-squats (or “jat ma” in canto) and often brush myself against the toilet. once or twice i even touched someone's piss on the seat! eurgh!!

  3. I like your post on this!!!

    And yeah..That's why I don't like to go to a random toilet in Asia.(when I am walking around on the street)

    You'll never know what you will see when you open the toilet door :P!
    That bad smell what's coming of it makes me running away!! ieee!!!
    Glad they also have more clean toilets in BIG shopping malls or hotels.

    You know why I mostly get dehydrated when I am in HK…….:P haha!!

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