Vampire Teabags

Today I was having random thoughts in my head about vampires (no, not Edward Cullen) but the Chinese word for it and whether it had anything to do with ginger. You see, 殭屍 (goeng si) is ‘vampire’ in Cantonese, but the first character sounds a lot like ‘ginger’. Anyway, after a bit of searching, I not only found the answer to my question, but discovered a rather new piece of slang.

Do you know what
殭屍茶包 (vampire teabag) means? Go on, take a wild guess. Yes, think nasty…even dirtier… and yes, do go there. If your mind led you somewhere close to a woman’s toilet trash bin and the treasures that lay within, you are SO right!

There’s even a joke in Cantonese about this, and it goes something like this:

Three vampires walk into a bar to order drinks.
Vampire A says, “I’ll take one shot of fresh chicken blood!”
Vampire B says, “I’ll have a pork blood milkshake, thanks.”
Vampire C says, “And I’ll have one hot water, please.”
Bartender says, “What? You’re a vampire, don’t you want something bloody?”
Vampire C says, “No thanks! I found something nice in the ladies’ washroom – *wink*!”

Here’s the official definition, care of Cantonese Sheik. You’ll never look at an ‘M’ product the same way…lol!

7 thoughts on “Vampire Teabags

  1. So gross, but kinda funny! There's actually a band called The Vampire Teabags! they're at

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