Where’s mah fruit?!

It’s amazing how quickly we get spoiled in Hong Kong. I mean, do you ever find yourself saying:

“What? I need to wait FIVE WHOLE minutes for the MTR!?”

“AW MAN!! The escalator’s been turned off and I hafta *gasp* WALK UP!?”

and of course:

“Wat the hell?! I didn’t get no fruit today!?”

(Yea, that last one was me today…) I remember the first time I saw the fruit ladies come around the office. I could hear the loud chatter of two middle-aged ladies from afar coming closer and closer until suddenly, a pair of semi-bruised bananas landed on my desk with a THUD.

“Eat up, lenglui. It’s bananas today,” said the permed ladies who worked as a team. While one of them pushed around a box of bananas on wheels, the other one tossed the fruit onto our desks.

I couldn’t help feeling like a monkey in a zoo. (‘HOO HOO HAA HAA! What’s it going to be today, lady?’ I’d say while scratching my armpits and banging my keyboard against my forehead. ‘Please oh please, toss me one of them yellow things!’)

Nowadays, I’ve learned to look forward to getting my weekly dose of fruit. The fruit ladies have been kind, and sometimes bring us exotic varieties like longan and asian pears (ooOOoo).

But you know what? I got into the office a little later than usual today and my fruit basket was totally empty! Either somebody stole my bananas, or they simply decided to skip me! Bahhh..damn you fruit ladies!!

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