Mooncake Madness

Yes, it’s true. I just ate a whole mooncake ON MY OWN. Go ahead, drop your jaw and call me whatever gluttonous animal you want. I deserve it!! :p

I didn’t mean to, really. For some strange reason, I had a sudden craving for something sweet. And since my chocolate drawer was empty, all I really had to satisfy my craving were two double-yolked mooncakes given to me by my company (I blame them!!).

Suddenly, I was shoveling triangular-cut pieces of lotus paste chunks into my face (while working I might add), enjoying the sticky sweetness and slight chewiness of it all, and within a few minutes, the mooncake was no more.

The effects were immediate: Heartbeat – slowing. Eyelids – drooping. Mood – Worsening. I mean, I can actually feel my blood turning into lotus paste! I better get out of here before I devour the other one…

2 thoughts on “Mooncake Madness

  1. haha, those moon cake looks delicious. Your blood is turning into lotus paste, next time your blood will turn into a moon cake. Thanks for the moon cakes, I've enjoyed reading your blog.

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