A tribute to cockroaches

It’s quite sad, actually. Looking at their little brown bodies, some long gone, flattened, dried up and flaking off the ground, others freshly squashed with a blob of yellow goo sitting right next to their corpses.

I must admit, I’m no cockroach lover but I do feel sorry for them. I mean, I would never, I repeat, NEVER, step on one (for fear of projectile puking instantaneously afterwards) but that doesn’t stop other people from giving them a big, CRUNCHY, triumphant stomp. Yes, they’re hideous, annoying, and just plain frightening, but have you ever took the time to try to understand them?

Here are some little known facts about our shiny, brown friends:

  1. The most common cockroach we see on the streets is actually AMERICAN (!).
  2. Cockroaches average 4cm in length (obviously, the HK ones are way above average).
  3. They have two eyes with over 2000 individual lenses each.
  4. They are one of the fastest insects in the world – about 50 body lengths per second, which would be comparable to a human running at 330 km/h!!
Human vs. Cockroach

4 thoughts on “A tribute to cockroaches

  1. The most common cockroach we see on the streets is actually AMERICAN (!).
    –> Well I think German cockroach is more common in Hong Kong. We have a lot in the office. -.-

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