Back to humidity

After a blissful week in Europe, I am now back in the sweltering heat of Hong Kong. While I was gone, I missed out on:

  • another acid attack in Mong Kok
  • falling loudspeakers from the sky (also in MK)
  • getting run over by a minibus (also in MK)

Nice! On a serious note though, it’s really a shame that so much sh*t is going on in MK. It’s such an awesome place and the perfect place for feeding my gadget addiction. Whether that’s worth risking all of the above is another question!

One thought on “Back to humidity

  1. Dude. Humidity is TERRIBLE here. TERRIBLE. I head home from work, hit the Soho escalator, and by the time I'm at the top I'm sweating like a rapist. So gross.

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