The search for paradise continues…

Coming to Hong Kong from Europe, I’ve often heard the term ‘paradise’ attached to various beaches in Asia, including Bali (of coz) and several others in Malaysia and the Philippines. Usually, the term makes you think of creamy white sand, crystal clear water and a coconut-husk hut, like this:

I found all that, but the most important thing related to paradise failed to show up: the SUN. And when it did peek out of the haze for a precious 45 mins, I got sunburnt so bad my skin turned bright red like a cheap piece of artificial crab.

In MY idea of paradise, the beach is quiet, secluded, and very, very calm. Unfortunately, where we went, our resort neighbours were loud and young, the skies were grey and the waters choppy following several consecutive rain storms. Add to that some broken flip flops, medicine bottles and random bits of paper washing up on shore, and you can kiss that idea of ‘paradise’ goodbye! ~_-

Guess I’ll have to keep looking for that little spot of paradise, although I’m beginning to think that it’s not gonna be in Asia… (*cough* Greece! *cough*)

4 thoughts on “The search for paradise continues…

  1. Try Playa Del Carmen (or Carmen Del Playa, I can never remember!) off the Mayan Riviera in Mexico. That or Hawaii. I could spend the rest of my waking days in either of those places.

  2. You must have gone at the wrong time. Too bad 😦

    I suggest you try Palawan (in the Philippines) in May next year.

  3. welcome back ! maybe try Bora Bora next time haha … then again *cough* Greece! *cough* seems to be a good pick as well. Just imagine waking up by the cool breeze in the morning and have a wonderful breakfast at the top of the cliff overlooking the ever so pretty White-washed houses with blue domes on the side of the cliff !!!

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