While walking by the MetroPark Hotel in Wanchai today, I looked up and saw some papers taped to a window on the 5th floor or so. It was hard to make out since the writing was small (and I’m blind as a bat), but eventually I realized that each A4 paper was labeled ‘5h’, ‘4h’, ‘3h’, and so on…

The poor person inside was counting down to how many more hours s/he’d be locked up for!!!

In case you’ve been in a hole all this time and don’t already know, these people have been locked up for 7 days straight since they found the first case of swine flu (ahem.. H1N1) in a guy who was staying in that hotel. Not a bad thing if you’re in the Shangri-La, but the Metropark Hotel is a pretty crappy place to be locked up in.

Tonight, the surrounding area of the hotel will be cordoned off from 4:30pm – 11:00pm as they release all the ‘swine flu hostages’ into the streets of HK. Let’s hope there’s not a rise in flu victims over the weekend!!

PS – Wouldnt’ this make a great movie? I can see the titles now… “THE SWINE”, “7 Days of Probing”, “NIGHTMARE on HENNESSY Road”… ^_^

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