Fat 39 year old housewife

Since I moved to Hong Kong, I’ve received quite a few comments that I coulda really done without. Granted, all opinions are just perceptions, but the ones I’ve been getting lately have really made me puzzled as I try to understand what exactly I am doing to get such remarks.

First, a guy who was looking for a running buddy said I looked 39 (@_@)… I believe his exact quote was “you dress young but your face looked mature -aka old”…

A few weeks later, my female coworker asks me in the elevator back up to the office, “Have you always been this…big? Or was it after you moved to Hong Kong?”

And just yesterday, a new friend of mine said I give off a “housewifey” vibe, and even used the words “caring and MATERNAL” in the same sentence as me…

[my jaw is gaping open at this point] W-O-W.

I have to admit, I definitely don’t like what I’m hearing, but I still gotta try and understand why they said that, especially the housewifey part because being a domesticated, maternal housewife is actually my worst nightmare!! C’mon, anyone who knows me knows that a) getting married and b) having kids are actually on the very bottom (if at all) on my list of life goals. ::SHUDDER::

After some serious analysis, I think it has to do a lot with stereotypes, actually. The thing is, if you’re not single in HK, you’re probably married and/or have a very stable, long-term, boring kind of life. Next, if you have a boyfriend, you must be in HK because of him, e.g. FOR him, since we obviously don’t have any life goals of our own, right? (Add extra domesticated points if you are Asian – check!)

Am I right, or am I right??? But pardon me, I have to go now and pick up after my 4 kids, clean the dishes, hang the laundry and put dinner on the table before my master – oops I mean mister – is back. 😛

3 thoughts on “Fat 39 year old housewife

  1. Firstly I wanna say that I love your blogs Erica!!

    People just judge by impressions if they don't know you really well.
    Don't worry you'll stay forever 25 for me ^___^!!!! I've hit that stage a couple of times already haha!!!

    Recently I've got some negative remarks as well. At work I'll know a girl who's kinda nice but I don't like her way of talking about other people. (gossip Queen!!!) The first couple of times I joined her with lunch together with another colleague. But as I didn't feel comfortable by her way of talking and judging people, I didn't go frequently anymore. Their conversations are soo~ crappy all the time! When I bumped into her a couple of weeks ago she has made a remark like:”Why are you not joining us for lunch?” I replied that I was too busy at work. That Gossip Queen was like:”uHhm You are boring!” That was soo mean to say! I was just stiffed…As I rejected her soo many times she still don't get the clue that I just wanted to be colleagues with her…
    There's another new colleague who invited me to get a smoke break with her. I just have seen her like for 2 times) “Sorry, I don't smoke” I said. You know what? She replied with the following:”You don't smoke?!” “You are boring!” hUuh Huh!!! Sorry but I don't associate not smoking as boring. Where's her common sense huh?

    Wing Yan Man

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