Hong Kong Beggars: Wanchai Homeless Beggar

It was by chance that I discovered this HK beggar, otherwise known as the Wanchai Homeless Beggar. I was on my way to work along Lockhart Road, eyes on the sidewalk watching out for cockroaches (dead or alive) when I stumbled upon a big pile of sh*t.

Soft and spread out, it had a rich, dark brown colour and for a second there, I might have mistaken it for dark chocolate sauce. It was that smooth.

However, a few feet away, I found the creator of the ‘chocolate sauce’ – a dark man with disheveled black hair, matted in lumps, squatting on the street corner with tattered slippers and some plastic bags with empty soda cans around him.

Since then I’ve seen him at least once a week, usually squatting across from Hay Hay, rambling some random statements in Cantonese and drifting from block to block.

2 thoughts on “Hong Kong Beggars: Wanchai Homeless Beggar

  1. When they gotta go, they gotta go just like everyone else including you. All humanity deserves housing so work for it so that everyone in your nation can have housing with restroom facilities too, not just you.

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