The Dreaded Toilet

It’s never good to hold it in, but you would too if you had to go all the way out of the office into a deserted, dingy stairwell, with a big-a** toilet key in hand, into a freezing cold, air-conditioned double-stalled toilet where none of the flushes work.

Yes, that’s right. One of the toilets DO flush but if you’re unlucky enough to be using it immediately after someone else, you’re just as doomed to have to fill up (using a slow tap) a very used 4L Watsons plastic water jug and slosh your doings down the hole manually.

That’s not all. The automatic soap dispenser is usually empty, the ‘handtowel’ is actually just another roll of toilet paper (that disintegrates as you use it, leaving bits of paper sticking to your hands) and the hand dryer is just strong enough to suck in the tail end of the ‘handtowel’, again getting wet and leaving bits of paper stuck to your hands as you dry them.

How could this be? I’m still wondering myself! Not only is it inconvenient, but it’s totally unsanitary and uncivilized. 😦 As one of the most successful companies in China/Asia/worldwide, don’t we employees deserve working toilets, at the least? I’m so thinking of starting a petition… :p

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