Going Veg

Last night, I was shooting chicken invaders out of the sky in a symphony of ‘ba-caws!’ Could it have been a sign??

Looks like the bird flu is back again in Hong Kong. Just 18 minutes ago, news broke that three dead chickens tested positive for the H5N1 virus, prompting the immediate slaughter of 80,000 birds (poor things). Poultry imports are also halted for 21 days.

I’ve always thought of trying to become vegetarian, but never got very far, thanks to beautiful pieces of BBQ pork dripping honey and crunchy, juicy pieces of hot fried chicken. I don’t think it will be too hard now though, since half of the food I normally eat has a chance of potentially killing me here.

  • Chicken? Bird flu
  • Milk? Melamine
  • Eggs? Melamine
  • Beef? Gave it up in 2006
  • Lamb? Fazed it out many years ago
  • Veggies? Sprayed with pesticides

Guess I better be more careful, and stick to eating soy products! Maybe it’ll even do my waistline some good 😀

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