Oops, I cut it again…

The other night I was in Mong Kok after work when I realised I had a couple hours to spare. I had just confirmed my plane ticket to Koh Samui for Xmas (yippy!!) and was feeling rather happy, free and didn’t feel like going home yet. So, I shuffled into the crowd towards Sai Yeung Choi street, thinking that I’d maybe have a look at some electronics or something.

While walking down the street, I came across this hair salon that I had visited the year before when visiting HK and thought, “Hm, why not go up and see if that guy who gave me a pretty good ‘do is still working, maybe he can give me a quick fix and help me get this hair under control…”
Unfortunately… this was the result:

Even though I said: NO short layers, NO shaggy do, NO mullet, NO short bangs that leave me looking mentally retarded, NO haircut resembling an 8 year old girl, NO cutting on the length, etc. I ended up with a super Honger hairdo, complete with the thin layer of hair around my neck, thinned out so badly that it has the consistency of cotton candy. It’s literally a paper-thin sheet of hair that is super straight that yet still flips out at the shoulders(!!).
I’m never going to that hair salon again, and for anyone out there who might be at risk of this crazy hair butcher, try to avoid the VOLUME hair salon in Mong Kok!

4 thoughts on “Oops, I cut it again…

  1. haha, this made me LOL for a solid 5 minutes cos i SOOOOOOOOOOO know what you're talking about re the thin layer of hair around your neck. oh, well, it's been over a year already. hope your hair is looking great now.

  2. oh my god! I think we went to the same Hairsalon!!!”Volume?” It was a couple years ago when I visited Hong Kong. I was longing for big shinyyy waves in my hair. So we (my sister & my niece) just picked on hairsalon which looked good & professional. It was quite crowded so this was a good sign! We -THOUGHT- but Hell NO!!! The created short layers and thinned it out a lot. Afterwards I got my permanent. I turned out to be a PUPPY FLUFFY DOG 😦 oh my God!!! When I was outside again I just wanted to go back to my granny! I looked like a 45 years old “sie laai” with little curls and all dried out..So, it's definitely a NO GO!!!

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