Who’s the prettiest one of all?

While doing my regular check of what’s happening this weekend, I happened to come across the Miss Babe Yi event for this Saturday night. It looked pretty standard at first, ladies free, men pay HKD150, everyone gets a free drink. Reading on, it said:

“All men will be given 3 stickers, they can post them on any girls that they think are the most pretty and gorgeous ones. Around 1a.m., Yilou [the club] will ask the top 3 girls to come out and let them to have a self introduction/talent show. Then the girl who received the most support will be titled as “Miss Baby Yi”. She will receive a gift from Tiffany & Co. and 1 X 1.5L Astoria Lounge.”

Hmm… I can’t help but feel a mixture of curiosity and disgust. Part of me wants to go as it’s a pretty funny concept, but if I did, I feel like I’d have to make an effort and dress up just to avoid being put in the ‘ugly’ pile. And what about the girls who do go all out, complete with double eye-lid stickers, fake eyelashes and jelly boobs? What if they don’t get any stickers? How sad would that be? Would there be men who give pity votes to some girls? Or would they naturally paste their stickers on the most boobacious/skimpily dressed ladies just so they can get a quick feel?

The whole thing just seems a tad wrong, just like beauty pageants. I know it’s just for fun but maybe they should have made it a Miss AND Mister Baby Yi event, just so we ladies could paste stickers on the hot men too. Of course, we wouldn’t have a very big selection to choose from (haha), but still, at least it would be equal.

4 thoughts on “Who’s the prettiest one of all?

  1. I wonder, is it any different than any other night out clubbing? It has been some time (22 years) since I was officially single (longer since I was not a couple) but my memory is that we fluffed our plumage, preened, and went out to attract. It is true for both sexes. The prize? Acceptance, a new “love”, a fun fling. But, most of all, proof of your worth. As shallow as that proof may seem later on.

  2. Sounds interesting and I’ve seen a few similar ideas in one or two clubs before.I was in Lan Kwai during the summer and the people in the club had made a platform in the center of the dance-floor by pushing some tables together.After five or so different couples were pushed on to the thing to dance for all the world to see, my friend and I were urged to dance there for a while. It was hard to keep the crowd happy and I certainly felt excited, but disgusted at myself at the same time.I guess that clubs and bars are the perfect arena to have a little fun, though. People have to let loose sometimes.Michael.

  3. I don't think it would have been possible for them to have both a ms and mr because then everyone would get stickers. If so, everyone could just cheat and put the stickers on themselves.

    Anyways, I've never seen this at LKF before, but it seems like a pretty cool concept.

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